Logomania, an increasingly widespread phenomenon


Logomania, an increasingly widespread phenomenon

Hi boys and girls, the logo has always been something that can make us identify what brand or signature is a certain item of clothing. In recent years, we have always tried to highlight all this but with the advent of streetwear, fashion has changed its mind.  

By now we can witness a true phenomenon of logomania in fashion shows and if you do not have something with a written or symbol you are not considered fashionable. 

I always remind you to dress and do what you want because no one decides for you, in fact today I decided to try out a logomatico and trendy outfit. 

I opted for a total look MSGM, Milan’s brand, accompanied by a Vans bag to carry everything I want with me! 

I hope it will be helpful and if you take a cue from my look and put a picture on instagram with it you can tag me; my name is giorgiosolfrizzii. Follow me and amaze me more and more; see you bye good boys and girls and see you at the next post!