Sabot, a guarantee (woman edition)


Sabot, a guarantee (woman edition)

Hi boys and girls, this time it isn’t Giorgio who writes but it’s me, the mother. 

We have decided to introduce the women’s fashion department too and if we do, we will continue to do good.

I have always been passionate about fashion and I think I have also transmitted something to my children, a bit more experienced than me… 

Being a very active mother with a job, two sweet children, a challenging house and a wonderful cat I have to combine fashion and comfort for my own good and also for that of others. 

Since I was a twenty year old (do two calculations) the sabot were trendy, very feminine and different from the usual and now they are back stronger than before. 

I chose a pair on the mirrored silver that goes with everything and that’s why I decided to try them and bring them on this new platform! 

Everything is obviously accompanied by a polka dot blouse and a wide trousers with open side, as they go now.

I hope it could have been helpful and if you take a cue from my look and put a picture on instagram with it you can tag me; my name is diaryofmariellacurcetti instead my son giorgiosolfrizzii. Follow me and amaze me more and more; see you bye good boys and girls and see you at the next post!