The checked texture? I recommend it

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The checked texture? I recommend it

And even today I’m in a hurry but a bit ‘less than yesterday, in fact I can stop to observe the wonderful streets of my neighborhood overflowing with green and all this together with a beautiful gray bermuda of Asos with a blue checked texture.

Lately I’m very seeing all these fantasies squared or similar to mine but the motivation I honestly do not know.

Perhaps because it is fine with everything and there isn’t need to choose anything else special then it is suitable for those fast and late morning.

I didn’t want to enrich my outfit of the day, in fact, I chose a t-shirt with the logo of the palace, being a very “streetwear” brand and therefore suitable to break the look, the simple low sneakers and a OVS beret perfect for my Bermuda that has a not so elegant anyway.

But now I have to go and enjoy my cat that has just woken up and is already hungry!

I hope it will have been helpful and if you take a cue from my outfit and put a picture on instagram with it you can tag me; my name is giorgiosolfrizzii. Follow me and amaze me more and more; see you bye good boys and girls and see you at the next post!